Workshops for Groups of:
Parents, Siblings, Children/Teens w/ASD, and Local Educators
Workshops are offered on a variety of topics related to The Connection Formula. They are often provided by request or as needed. The goal is to help neurotypical people autism-ize their thinking and for people on the spectrum to increase social independence and quality of life. Stay tuned for workshops being offered via webinars in the future!

“I take my son for so many different activities and therapies to help him & they do…and this by far was the most impactful training I have EVER been to. I felt so defeated so often trying to help him socially and now I feel like I have skills & insight into how he is thinking and processing & have specific ways to encourage him and relate and talk.” —MS, parent, workshop participant

Consultations for:
Parents, Siblings, Children/Teens w/ASD, and Local Schools Systems
Individual consultaions are available to give psychco-educational and training information to families and school personnel and to help with problem solving specific situations. If your family has never attended The Friendship Network we ask you go through the intake process prior to the consultation.